Legislative Update – House Bill 1800 – Standards of Medical Care

The Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee is considering House Bill No. 1800. The bill has not yet been up for vote or approved into law. The committee received testimony regarding the bill on March 17, 2016. The bill proposes establishing a set of standards for medical care for injured workers, which in a utilization review setting, would establish a more precise measure for whether care in question is reasonable and necessary. The bill seeks to set up a “panel” of doctors and providers to establish standards relating to the duration, frequency, and type of care for individual specific injuries. Preliminary indications reveal that the bill may not enjoy bi-partisanship support. A copy of the proposed legislation is attached. If enacted it could serve to potentially contain costs for Employers’ and carriers’ relating to medical treatment for injured workers, as well as aim to add standards to the utilization review process and litigation.